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Laizhou day a hardware co., LTD.

Laizhou day a hardware co., LTD. Is a professional production and sales of stainless steel hinge, box clasp, stainless steel fastener, mechanical door series, foot cup series manufacturers, has ten years of experience in hardware accessories production, prod uct users covering more than ten provinces and cities. Laizhou day a hardware co., LTD. Products are: stainless steel hinge, buckle lock, stain less steel buckles, metal buckles, heavy buckles, button box lock, stainless steel box, match, foot cups and a series of mechanical door.... . Laizhou Tianjia Hardware Co., Ltd TTel :+86-535-2060188 Fax :+86-535-2277515
ADD : Hengtong Road, Economic Development Zone,Laizhou,Shandong,China